Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

SOAR Rescue approved our application for one of the boxer\gsd female pups. Dilema. We are also pending for the number one dog we like. We haven't heard back about her temperament with cats but she is what we are looking for, sweet, playful, gentle, and least importantly; adorable!
The foster mom of the pup said that if we are approved we just need to put a deposit down and they can hold the dog until after the wedding. It looks like the major trips are off...if we go on a trip it'll be a day trip to the mountain or something with the pup maybe a few weeks from now *shrug*
The dog we want is Liza at
isn't she the bee's knees? At the moment we just want one dog. Later on we will adopt a slightly older dog, maybe a year old or a year and a half. But not now.
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