Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I got myself a new phone. My old phone gave me great service for three years and it actually made me sad to buy a new phone. The good news is that since Verizon won't give my mom a new phone (it's broken) even though they said they would, my mom had them transfer all her info to my older phone. So my phone still lives! Mom should be happy, she got some nice ringtones! Hehee
I got a black Verizon flip camera phone. I can't stand the teeny phones so I like my phones good sized. It used to come in blue but they discontinued it *sad face*
It's a nifty phone though. That said
Do any of you Verizon users know where the hell I can get at least one Star Wars ringtone and at least one Star Wars wallpaper!? Where do I go? I tried all the more recognizable places like Modtones and Ring Star but I can't find ANYTHING!

Here's the dogs mom and I are interested in. I got emailed back about Ellie, saying I should call them. So I did and left a message. Didn't get a reply about the younger pups yet. Maybe tomorrow...
Young rottie mix">

Young bernese mountain dog puppies">
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