Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I have been trying to get a job at our local PetCo for about a year now. They are always hiring and I know how to work a cash register AND I know at least the basics for every animal they cater to. I don't get the job, ever. I go back in and see new employees. At one point, there were hiring for small animal specialist and I figured that was a good job for me. I applied and didn't get the job. A week later I come in and look at the widdle ratties (and feel sorry for them). I over hear this:
Newly hired Small Animal Guy:::Guinea pig food is usually exspencive. You can get rat food instead. It's the same thing and it's a bit cheaper.
After he left I went up to those customers and said "If you feed your guinea pig rat food, that pig will die of Scurvy"
I think anybody that works for a pet store should at least know the basics for any animal they cater too. To be hired to be specifically the small animal specialist and to say THAT means you know jack shit about guinea pigs. I wanted to work in that posistion but I don't know much about chinchillas. That said, I would NOT point out...say...ferret food to a chin owner. I would point out the chin food of course! I do know advanced rattie care, basic guinea pig, mouse, and hamster care. But that complete idiot (at least with animals) got the job over me. *shakes head*
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