Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Should I go into the rat room and take pictures or no.....
After Adam's wedding we are going on vacation. After vacation we will be looking at shelters and rescues to adopt a dog\s.
I am itchy itchy itchy. Some of it is bug bites but most of it is psychological. If I get stressed I itch and tend to pull my hair out. I'm stressed so I'm itchy and I see bits of my hair on my desk. *sigh*
The rat sprouts were very sprouty so they enjoyed them muchley (lord I sound bad)
I finally beat Count Dooku and it wasn't that hard! I saw a Star Wars action set, Obi Wan and the Boga! If I had $16 I'd get it, next week it's mine.
I had the following interviews yesterday;
Comp USA
a Coffee Bean location
Starbucks (well the free drinks wo'nt be used by me...blech!)
Peets Coffee (never had their drinks)
KB Toys

Twas an eventful day.
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