Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Sometimes my mom rocks. We went to Ralphs for our weekly shopping. I got the usual crangrapefruit juice and milk (yay cereal!).
We also got some salads and I got some pig food. We went to the frozen food aisle and mom said "get some ice cream, we'll put it in the outside freezer"
Hahahaha. So I got Halfbaked from Ben and Jerry's and four of those teeny B&J cartons, cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie. Got some frozen fruit for the ratties (and the pigs will get frozen cantelope).
Went to Coffee Bean from there and filled out applications over my joygasm drink (ice blended mocha no whip cream nsa). Filled out an application for Ralphs, Coffee Bean, and Comp USA. Went to turn the Comp USA one in and they had me fill out the quiz thing (you like to work alone kind of questions). This is a brand new store, they're still getting ready. So I have a fair shot at getting a job there. Mom said "get a job at the pet store at the Beverly Center (the thing they blew up in Volcano)"
HELL NO! I'll probably go on a murderous rampage. THey sell puppies and kittens there >:O
Speaking of puppies; I was listening to 98.7 STAR in the car and they were talking about puggles. THe lady dj went "What a puggle?" THe guy said "A pug poodle mix"
The lady said "I don't like the idea of putting two breeds together just to make money. You can get the same dog at a shelter"
I started clapping, like they can really hear me :P
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