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Nothing like a shower to sooth nerves. A nice long hot shower.
While going through some stuff earlier yesterday (Wed.) I found a light saber from 2002. It came from a cereal box. It's a green lightsaber pen (Yoda's pen!)
Since it was already kinda open I just opened it up some more and put it together. It's dinky but I like it.
Spencer doesn't like having his teeth brushed heh. I got some new toothpaste for him so tonight was grooming day. He got bathed, clipped claws, ears and eyes cleaned, and his teeth brushed. I'll do his sister today (Thursday). I'm reading Phantoms by Dean Koonz and I really like it.
I got an interview with KB Toys (whine whine). A big part of me hopes I get it because I need the money (and something to put on my resume). However, another part hopes I don't get it since I do not like toys. Well, at least I can get a discount for Star Wars toys ;)
I watched Day After Tomorrow. It was released in theaters Memorial Day of last year but I think I've seen it 10 times since then. Three times in theaters! I just bought the special edition too. I love this movie a's too bad people in power can't learn from it.
The font for the internet got huge for THIS SIZE.
How do I change it back to normal? Dino Crisis 3 isn't so bad now that I've gotten used to the terrible camera angles. It's a bit silly but not terrible. I haven't been able to beat Count Dukoo yet in Episode III
If anybody that's played it (preferably on XBox) has any hints I'm all ears!
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