Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I went to my friend's house today. Got RRLM Slick to breed to Fuzz. He's a really sweet hairless. I also picked up my possum blazed. Possum blaze is one of my "dream" rats. My number one dream rat is a European husky roan. Possum blaze is in the top five hehe. He isn't perfect but I'm sure I can get a great possum out of him. He's a sweetie though and that's more important :)
My friend also conned me into getting two other boys. Not really conned, I just did'nt go there for two more. One's an american blue agouti berk dumbo. The other is a russian blue self velveteen. I honestly can say I do need an american blue rat. I have a lot of carriers so now I can have a blue litter (people want them badly lol)
I met her two squishy boys, Lunk and The Hound. Lunk is a gorgous agouti self dumbo. Huge ass guy, about 2 pounds! The Hound is a stunning black self velveteen dumbo. Really nice black! I might breed him to Padme, my own nice black to get super black! lol
Oh, I'm going to start moving 90% of my room rats into the rat room. Gotta think of a name for the three new guys.....
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