Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I made a post private. I kinda felt bad talking about somebody and didn't want others to make their mind up based on my views. So, it's private.
Anyway, good news!
I have two dates lined up...for my rats heh
Fuzz will be bred to a friend's hairless fawn dumbo; Slick. I am getting him later today. My other girl, Andrea Gail, will be bred to my Obi Wan Kenobi. I thought she was a PEW but she definatly has a point! I think she's a dove point since she is so light. Obi Wan is a russian blue point siamese velveteen dumbo. With that pairing, I hope to have russian blue based colors and russian blue based siamese. All dumbo in smooth and velveteen coat. With the hairless breeding, it'll be 100% hairless dumbos. Probably all fawns :]
I'm breeding two litters in case Fuzz has difficulties nursing. I have faith in her because she's been able to nurse her two litters, but I just want to be prepared :)
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