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Lucas certainly lived up to his promise!!!

OMG OMG OMG!!! That movie was.....awsome! What I expected! Lucas didn't dissapoint!!!

There is one scene, where after Anakin becomes Darth Vader, Darth Sidius (Emporer) tells him to go to the Jedi Temple to dispose of everybody there and then to kill Viceroy (sp?)
Well Darth Vader goes to the temple where the younglings are. The younglings are the little kids in Jedi Academy. A cute little blond boy goes up to Vader and goes "Master Skywalker there's so many of them! What are we going to do?!" Then Vader unleashes his light saber and the kid flinches. Then the scene ends. All these quotes might not be exact because it's from memory.
Another scene, the one that really gets me is when all the Jedi's are being exterminated. Darth Sidious would give the order and "it will be done my lord". Those troops were dirty too, would shoot them in the back (how come the Jedi's didn't feel it I wonder). This scene was even more powerful because you would see Yoda every so often making such pained faces. He felt the deaths. So sad :(
Haha but when the troops snuck up on Yoda, he showed them!
Another great scene is the battle between Yoda and Darth Sidious. The song during that battle is the same song that played during the final Luke x Darth Vader battle. I was so sad when Yoda said "Into exile I must go. Failed I have"
The battle between Obi Wan and Darth Vader of course was great.
I can go into so much more detail but I shouldn't. I don't want to give the WHOLE movie away even if some weasels want me to ^_~
Oh one more thing; General Grivious cracked me up. Here's this powerful droid leader, hunched over and hacking like an old man that smokes too much. Funny! Ooo that creature Obi Wan was riding is neat! Sounds just like our next door neighbor dog! I do a GOOD impersation of it~
Ooo I also didn't realize, but the man that plays Count Dookoo (Christapher Lee) is also the man that played Saruman in Lord of the Rings!
Haha one last thing, R2D2 kicks so much ass :D
Ok that's it!
Oh, and I know the names of most of the creatures but I'm just so tired I can't remember them ^_~

Hehe ok. I have to be up in time to go to school. After georgraphy I'm heading to Monsie's house. Then my mother will pick us up around 3:00-3:30
Then we might hang out at home for a hour then head over to the Arclight and see Revenge of the Sith...again! Haha I also have a ticket to see it Sunday ><
Still haven't made up my mind if I will go or not. hmmmm

PS---Haydan looks much sexier in this movie then Episode II
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