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Brother bitching part 1

We haven't gotten our invetation to the wedding shower yet. My aunt has and I'm not on it. I am helping throw this piece of shit party. I need to buy the plates and lead a stupid game. But I'm not on it because I didn't attend two confrences I did'nt even know happened!
I'm wearing a shit dress that's sleevless. I told the bride that I don't like my arms exposed. I have to wear it anyway because I'm a clone.
I don't want to attend the shower and I don't want to attend the wedding. I don't want any part of this piece of shit wedding.
They want me to help at the bachlorette party. I don't want to but my brother forces me to. I find out that there will be male strippers. I'm sorry but that makes me uncomfortable. I consider myself old fashioned in certain aspects and I'm not comfortable being around naked guys. He said "Oh so you are old fashioned now? You have RATS!"
Of course the word "rat" is really pronounced. Yeah cause having rats makes me some sort of weirdo. So I'm not going to the bachlorette party. He yelled at me for "breaking a promise"
Blah. My mom started crying and she left. Now I know she won't enjoy the movie. My mom has been under stress and at least a movie would have cheered her up...until tonight. I hope she at least goes with me :(
I don't have anybody else to go with. I'm pissed off >:I
Not about the movie but about my brother. He thinks that because I don't have a job and because I have free time on the weekends, that I should drop everything I'm doing to help him and his woman. Piss off >:I
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