Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

updated my SKRats journal

I have a few planned breedings. I didn't mention two because I'm not sure of who the males will be.
One female I will be breeding is Muffin. She's an agouti self velveteen dumbo. She carries all sorts of goodies; russian blue, russian and seal point siamese, hairless, dwarf, and hairless.
I plan on breeding her to one of my friend's OFR rats. Maybe her velveteen dwarf (harley carrier).
Or, I will breed her to one of Amber's future sons. I sure hope Amber gets a harley male *crosses fingers*
If she does I will breed him to Muffin (her first or second litter)
Amber is due next week I believe. I hope my camera is fixed by then :(
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