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Woke up bitchy. Screamed at Scrooge for...screaming heh. Went to the hotel to vote. *crosses fingers for choice mayor*
I decided to not go to geography. I'm overtired, bitchy, and my stomach hurts. I can't take that horrid lady today. I will go to math since next week is finals and we're going over how to add fractions, rounding, etc. Yes it's basic math, I can't do some of the more advance basics. Sad huh? ;_;
Went to Coffee Bean to get a perk up. Coffee doesn't wake me up....the flavor just calms me down. They had a lot of pastries since it's morning so I got a chocolate muffin. I'm sharing it with the cage that wasn't naughty. That would be the girls. The alphas are older and quieter ladies so I think they keep the nutties in their place .Noo Fuzz isn't alpha :-\
It's Kaia, Fuzz, Padme. Muffin is the alpha of the young ones.
Oooo just over 42 hours till showtime! Ugh I bet that was actually math is so horrid ;_;
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