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Watched The Incredibles with my mom. Second time I saw it but she just wanted to see it so bad. *snicker*
She's so easily amused, it's kinda sad :P
I like The Incredibles but not as much as she does heh.
She walked in while I was watching Family Guy. Decided to finish it with me even though I remember her saying that it's garbage (even though she only saw two seconds before).
Haha I liked the end ^_^
There's so many Star Wars scenes in that show.
Brian::: "In some way, I am your father!"
Peter::: "That's not true! That's impossible!"

Tonight's episode Peter recieves an award with Chewbacca. C3PO and R2D2 are there ^_^
I love it! Bwahahaa
Now it got me wanting to see the movie even more! I'm going to Blockbuster tomorrow to rent Episode's 1 and 2. My friend has my copies to prepare herself before the movies (she's never seen the movies until I "forced" her to watch them)
My mom told me to rent the Star Wars game. I won't buy that game until after I see the movie. If I buy it now I'll be too tempted to play it and I don't wanna until after I see it :P
Oh that reminds me. Anybody that watched Family Guy, did you see the Burger King commercial? It disturbed me :-\
The Mentos commercial was cute (even if it did leave the message that Mentos are ok for pet birds)
Tonight's Simpsons was nice. Mom was laughing at Family Guy so I had her watch a few episodes on my DVD :D
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