Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Went to Whole Foods and Home Depot. At Home Depot I got some wire to make water bottle holders since I am always losing them. Got some more Raid for the rat room that keeps bugs away for 5-6 months. Got a venus fly trap for around the pond. There's a large amount of gnats and I want a bug killing plant to take care of them. I'm looking for a pitcher plant as well.
Then we went to Rally Burgers and I got a yummy milkshake. After that was Whole Foods. We got some rasberries and blackberries. The blackberries are for the pigs while I will share my rasberries with them. Got some organic veggies for my mom and the pigs. Then I went to the bulk aisle and got the ingredients for the sprout mix. Tonight I'll make a batch. Speaking of sprouts, yodallama did you ever get the food? My friend sent it. Also, what did you get? The sprout or dry? Maybe both? :D
Got Double Rainbow marianberry sorbet. Hmmm the best sorbet :P
Got some frozen fruit for the rats since even my room which has a ceiling fan and AC plus a window is HOT.
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