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I took my camera in to be fixed but I forgot my proof of purchase thing with the warentee. They said to bring it back in because it'll save me $100. They did get rid of the black smudge. Now I know how to fix it. Blech.
There's something else I wanted to say....I don't remember! *thinks*
Oh yeah! Mom and I basically decided where we want to go for a vacation. There's a great deal for Kauai ; $1,350 per person which includes airfare and hotel. We still can't afford it sadly. So we keep looking at the AAA vacation plans. We decided we are most likely going to go to Banff National Park in Canada. We loooove Canada (especially BC) and we've never been. It looks like a place I can go and just be myself, nature girl. We'll take the laptop to upload my photos because my memory card only holds 1,000 shots lol.
Does anybody live kinda near there? We want to know if it would be better to go in the late Summer (end of June) or Fall (Octoberish)
My mom, dad, and I used to go on two vacations every summer. In early summer we would go to Cambria, CA. A great little place with rocky beaches and great food. It's an artsy town and we can RELAX there. My dad didn't bring his work with him and that's major. Then we would go on a more major vacation, San Fransisco, Tahoe, Oregon, etc. Last year mom and I went to Oregon but not Cambria. It holds sad memories of us really being a happy family. We shared the same room and my dad used to put his arms up sayng it "helped him sleep". He would do it to annoy us and we go get in a playful fight. It's a family thing so I describe it as best as I can. Maybe next year we'll go back to Cambria. I really want to know how it fared during that big San Simian quake. The epic center was ten minutes from Cambria. The stairs going down to the beach probably broke.
So yay Canada!

Also, my wrists have been really hurting lately while I type. *grump*
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