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*grump grump*

So many shitty things happened yesterday. I waited 30 minutes for a bus that usually is only 15 between buses. Then I waited until 30 minutes for the same schedual type. Got to Monique's house. We watched some U2 videos and I lusted.
Then we watched Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. I think I turned her into a fan ^_^
I lent her my Episode 1 and 2 dvds so she can prepare for Episode III
I am seeing Episode III 3 times! I didn't want it to work out that way. I wanted midnight seats but couldn't get them so got a 7:30 showing at the Arclight (real nice theater). I also bought one ticket for that sunday to see it digitally. Then I found out that AMC in Century City (AMC 14) had midnight seats. I buy them. Now I need to see it three times. lol
Me going to her house wasn't shitty. lol

I wait 30 minutes when I leave for the bus. Then I wait 40 minutes for the other bus. Then I wait another 20 minutes for another bus and finally 30 minutes for my last bus. I might be exhaggerating a bit but it took me 3 1\2 hours to get home. It usually take's only a hour and a half. *grump grump*
The main thing? My camera exploded! Not literally of course or I would be bawling. The flash bulb burned out. WTF!? It's six months old! I have my Canon Rebel 35mm that is TWO years old and the same damn bulb is in it! *grump grump*
So now I need to take it in to be fixed. I need a new bulb, that black dot taken care of, and I want it cleaned. I'll take in my 35mm Rebel as well. Pisses me the hell off >:o
I finally get to the bust stop by my house and my mom picks me up. I left Monique's at 7:30 and got home at 10:15!!!
We go to Coffee Bean and the lovely mocha blend drink makes me a little less grumpy.
I come home and loe and behold my damn farking day isn't finished. Hermi died. ><
Seemed peaceful but still....UGH! So many goddamn rat problems lately. It's worth it to have such great critters but goddamn. She seemed so healthy. She's just...dead! No sniffles or anything! grr ok I'm calm. I'm calm.
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