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Happy birthday Bono!

Happy birthday Bono!!!
Forty five years old (or young!) and still looking sexy has hell.
This reminds me, I found a really neat book on U2 photos by Anton Corbjin. I really want it but it looks real exspencive. One day I will have it :)

Image hosted by
He was brain melting hot back in the day

Image hosted by
Now he's fall out of chair hot!

Image hosted by
Awww I love his smile.

Oooo and we can't forget about this beautiful photo!
Image hosted by

Maybe I'll post photos from the concert later today....

Obsessed much? Not really! Obsessed is where you think about them all day and night. I DID think about them all day and night the week prior and after the concert. Now I only swoon and go mad when I hear them or see a picture. Only slightly obsessed ;)
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