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will post photos before tackling Zelda again ^_^

Photos! Baby photos! The best kind of photos! Gee this post has the word "photo" in it alot :P
Anyway, these babies are from June and Opal's litters. The younger babies (Opal's) seem to be more bold and alpha over the older (and bigger) babies. It's cute :)

Image hosted by
This photo is about two weeks old :)

Image hosted by
Again, an older photo. Oh, both rats are from Opal's litter

Image hosted by
June and one of Opal's girls. You can see the baby has rattitude

Image hosted by
This is my little girl, Monsie. She's actually a cinnoman pearl, just doesn't look it

Image hosted by
The little boy. I'm thinking of naming him Han Solo ;)

Image hosted by
This is a mink girl from June's litter. She's the sister of vendettazen's new girl

Image hosted by
Monsie again :)

Image hosted by
I think that little one has a "Ben look". Gambian looking. She doesn't look like that in real life.
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