Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I'm such a good mommy

I upgraded my girls cage. Since they are in my room, they were in a smallish cage. I had 8 girls (some real small) in a small cage. I felt so guilty ;-\
Then I remembered one of the Martins isn't so huge that it will be a burdon. It isn't the White House but it's a nice size for them. Especially since four of them are small and not permanent residents.
I put my two manx gals in there and they seem to all be getting along. The manx girls can be bred since their hips are like tailed rats (they were born with hamster stubs).
All my rats are enjoying banana. The pigs are too :)
The rats in the rat room are doing ok. There aren't any other signs of SDA. *phew*
I hope this keeps up. Keep your eyes crossed people! I need to get a goddarn robe! Does anybody ANYWHeRE know where I can get a brown robe with a hood? Think Obi-Wan Kenobi style. Not flimsy custome material. I want this thing to last!
I would rather not go with Ebay. I don't want to think that a robe I get there was on the body of a sweaty guy with a beer belly (think that dude from the Sublime videos)

This amuses me
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