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May the 4th be with you
:D :D :D

Name four books on your bookshelf:
1) Raptor Red
2) Congo
3) A History of Earthquakes in California
4) Antartica: A Photo History

Name four DVDs in your collection:
1) Forrest Gump
2) The Mask
3) Fall of the House of Usher
4) Them!

Name four things on your
1) a poster of The Lone Cypress in Central-Northern California
2) A banner that says "Don't walk before me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk besides me and be my friend
3) A really nice Futurama poster
4) My rattie calender

Name four things in
your wardrobe:
1) sweat pants
2) My "Brainy Chicks are cool" tee
3) My World Rat Days tee
4) my lovely U2 tees

Name four artists in your music collection:
1) U2
2) John Williams
3) Weird Al Yankovic
4) movie soundtracks

Name four real life stores you shop at regularly:
1) Whole Foods
2) Centinela Pets
3) EB Games
4) Best Buy

Name four things in your
1) my wallet
2) flip comb
3) my Verizon cell phone
4) my U2 ipod
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