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pet store crap

I needed to get my cat a new collar so I headed to a nearby pet store. I get in there and am immediatly bombarded by annoying little kids. They are running all over the store saying "we want that! No we want a hamster! No a bird!"
So I grab the collar and get in line. The mother of this brat legion is carrying a chiuaha (sp?). I look closer at this dog and it fit in the palm of her hand! So very nicely I ask "how old is this dog"?
"Oh we just got her from a friend! She raises them. I think she's four weeks old! Isn't she cute!?"
"Puppies shouldn't be away from their mother until they are a little older."
"Oh well the mom got run over in their driveway so they NEEDED to be taken away"
I don't even respond to that. I notice her dog food of choice; Iams.
"Iams isn't good for the dog. You should get a better brand"
"My friend uses it and her dogs are all fine"
At this point I am up. I pay for my stuff and I'm about to leave when the I hear the father of the brats say "We want this bird"
I turn. They want a cockatiel. I see the cage in his hand. It's this one:::
He also has bird seed. No millet or anything. The employee is trying to get the bird who is flying every which way in it's cage (small cage but bigger then the customer's choice!). I feel so bad for that dog and bird. That dog will be fed crap and is probably going to be very ill later on in life. That poor bird will be around a housefull of annoying brats who will most likely squeeze it and say "IT'S MINE GIMMIE!" while living in a tiny cage because the cage is so kwoot!
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