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Oi Vey!

All right. A recap of my day (Sunday).
I get up around 11am to clean cages in the rat room and outside. I am frazzled and stressed ^_^
At 11:30 I take my shower and quickly go online to check emails. I only get to answer one before my friend shows up (it's 12:25 roughly)

Anyways. We leave. My friend and I borrow my mom's car, a little SUV (ugh I know) that has more room for the both of us plus the rats. It's more comfy then her car as well ^_~
So we are start on the road around 12:40. Around 3:30 we get to the breeder's house. We kick check out the rats and talk genetics with her. Instead of the three I was planning on getting, I get five. Three pearls; one being a manx. These are the boys. A "aussie tan" hooded and black hooded downunder girls. These are pearly pearls! They are the pearl I think of when I picture "pearl rats" :D
So we leave around 4:45. Later then we intended. We make good time getting back. We get back around 8:05. We did stop at a fast food joint (take out) and a gas station. The timing was pretty good.
So, we bring the rats into my house. This rattery is "closed". Meaning, no outside rats come into this person's house. She gets her bedding and stuff from a feed store that doesn't have *any* rodents. So, basically, this place has little to no chance of evil things like SDA. Still, they will be querentined in the back of the house.
Then we head out again (oy!). We stop at a Coffee Bean to my prodding. My friend's never had a Coffee Bean so I insisted we stop there. She prefers strong so she didn't like it :o\
Why am I talking about coffee? Heh. Ok we get a little lost on the way to Continental Cargo. We take the wrong exit; no biggie. We've both been there twice before but it's hard to find...especially in the dark. The plane was supposed to land at 8:30pm. It takes 30-40 minutes for the cargo to go from plane to the cargohold. Well the plane was late landing. It landed at 9:09. We get there at 9:15. So we have to wait 40 minutes.
Forty minutes later we get the rats. We get lost again. We start going South on the freeway instead of north. But we correct ourselves ^_^
Thirty-forty minutes we are home. We go directly into the rat room from the car and open up the carriers. They are cute. This breeder is ok and all but she doesn't know colors or markings it seems. She sold my friend a "powder blue platinum masked"
Problem? It was a capped firstly. Second, a powder blue platinum? wtf? That doesn't sound like a possibility O_o
It was a powder blue.
One of my rats is listed as "dark pearl mink dumbo"....errrr. It's a light mink merle. Not a pearl ><
She sells my friend a morphing patchwork (Mr. Fuggs is a morphing rat). We look at her. She's a hooded double rex....she could be a morph but we highly doubt it. I'll know in the next three weeks. They seem healthy but they will be in full quarentine for 14-three weeks. They will all be in my rat room for the time being. My friend's rats as well.

So my friend stays another hour so we can get the rat thing settled. She finally leaves. SHe has another hour's drive before she can relax. I start cleaning some cages but get real tired so I stop.
Today (sun time) I will clean a semi large cage and bring it into my room. I will put all my girls in this cage because they are all in medium sized cages (about 8 cages in my room of boys and girls). The boys can stay in their cage but the girls need more space (many girls hehe)
Here's some photos of the rats I got from up north

Image hosted by
Aww wook at my cute wittle baby!

Image hosted by
The tailed pearl

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
This photo isn't that great for showing the color. I just think he looks cute :]

Image hosted by
Wee little baby with the manx

Image hosted by
I think they're buddies

Image hosted by
The manx is about the same color as this guy...the baby is darker but should lighten up (the breeder said that at least)

Image hosted by
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