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what a great big convey riding through the night!

Muffin isn't pregnant. She went into heat Friday. I'll breed her after my break (if I get one)
Hermi may or may not be pregnant. Se isn't showing any signs of it. Not even the exposed nipples. Of course, she didn't have bald nipples during her last pregnancy.
With Muffin not being pregnant, that puts some pressure off me for breeding Amber. I need to breed Amber. If I don't do it now, I'll never be able to breed her safely. So Muffin's empty womb helps :)

Oy vey. I'm leaving in about ten minutes to drive up to San Louis Obispo. For non-Californians, that about 3 hours both ways....four hours each way if there's traffic. We (my friend and I) need to be back by 8:35pm tonight. We are picking up the Texas rats from the Airport (LAX). Then we go back to my place, divide the rats up in my bombed and semi-clean rat room. Then my friend goes home and we both collaspe. It'll be a full day.

Be back tonight! <3
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