Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Fuzzy monster

Fuzz is all better. She is back to being a little oven (she is a hot rat). Her skin is back to being pink. She still has that flareup and is still making the breathing noises. But it seems to be getting better so I have hopes that she's over the hill. Her wound is losing it's staples. I was worried at first and put a dixie cup on her (much to her displeasure). But it seems to be holding with just four staples. I think it's closed but I will keep an eye on it. She's with her friends right now for a few hours at a time. That way reintroductions won't be a bear. I make sure they don't mess with her staples and don't mess with her in general.
I think by next week her wound will be completely healed. Makes me a happy panda.

Image hosted by
She's coming to get me

Image hosted by
Shows off her healing wound

Image hosted by
Such happy eyes

Image hosted by
These are her normal eyes

Image hosted by
Acceping an almond. After chocolate chips, almonds are her favorite snack

Image hosted by
Glaring at me for taking photos of her while enjoying her almond
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