Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Geez lousie! I put three handfulls of timothy hay in the cage today. It's nearly gone! I knew they needed it and ate alot of it but DANG! ;P
Mallory and Henry take turns in the pigloo. It's not the largest one (the double). It's the second largest and it will house them both but kinda cramped. I'm in the process of looking for the giant pigloo.
At the moment all I have in their cage is hay, two dishes (pellet and veggies), a water bottle, their towels, a pigloo, and one toy.
What cna you all recommend for piggie toys? I plan on giving them toilet paper rolls but what else? Hehe also, Mallory is definatly boss pig. She won't let poor Henry near the veggies until she's done with them. She's also blocking his entry into the pigloo because she wants to stretch out. Just another reason I need to get the extra large pigloo. She's also the most vocal. She didn't hear me put the veggies down but when she waddled over and saw them it was WHEEK WHEEK WHEEK!
She really likes it all. I gave them butterleaf lettuce, some sort of squash (forgot the name), and something else I forgot the name of (blah my brain is a blank).

Henry was in the pigloo so all I have is Mallory :]

Image hosted by
I like pellets!

Image hosted by
But not as much as hay!

Image hosted by
Do you want some hay?

Image hosted by
I see you Henry!

Image hosted by
This is our home! The human said she'd add more toys but it's ok for now!
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