Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27


Got my pigs!
The damn C&C was a bitch. I thought it would fit in the corner I had intended. It wouldn't intact. So I had to break it apart. There was a very small space for the grids on one side. I had to hold it up and not put attachments on it except for at the top. On one end, the cage is aganist my wall and a grid won't fit there. So I don't have a grid there. But it's RIGHT against the wall so it'll be ok. Piggies can't squeeze out.
Right now the cage is open. It'll be open whenever the cats aren't in my room. But at night (cats come into my room for bed), there will be a lid.
They are kinda scared right now but they are grazing :]
Piccies later!
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