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Fuzz trauma

Around midnight Fuzz got attacked by a cagemate (usually very sweet girl but it was over some matza+creamcheese).
Anyway. It was one of those slashes that cut through the dermis but look worse then they really are? Know the kind? Anyway, I thought it was like that. I put pressure on and medicate it (topical Baytril plus something else that I don't remember the name of). It stopped bleeding. I put her in a carrier with a towel, some spinach leaves, and some water with oj in it.
I go take care of the other rats (water, food, kisses goodnight, etc). I go and check on her around 2:30am. There is blood ALL over the towel. A LOT OF BLOOD! And there's this string hanging out of the wound. I thought it was intestine but it wasn't. FOr one thing the wound was over the ribcage area. It kind of looked like the afterbirth that they eat. That's the best I can describe it. I go to pick her up and she's cold. Not good! The coldness, that string, and the bloodloss say ER VET. So we go to the only er vet that I would trust with a rat.
They put her on oxygeon in a heated tank. They x-ray her and see that it didn't penetrate her chest cavity. When I was washing the wound out to get a better look at it (right before I took her in), I saw some white. It was later confirmed that it went so deep that any deeper, the ribs would have been exposed (there was a fine covering and the white were the ribs underneath). They staple her shut. The nice vet comes to talk to me and tell me my options. She recommends keeping her in the oxygeon tank. It would have been at least $600 just for that. I ask to see Fuzz so I can decide. Fuzz was doing a teeny bit better but her breathing was the same (she has had labored breathing because of a flareupo that won't go away...doesn't get worse though). So I decide to take her home. I had $100 less for rat vet funds then was required and there was no payment plan. I have $500 fur rat medical bills in my "rat jar" so it isn't like I have nothing saved for emergancies. I just didn't have the $100 needed. But that wasn't the real reason I decided to take her home. I could have written them a check and sold some crap on EBay and just put the money in before it would bounce. No, the real reason I took her home is because she's a major mama's girl. She hates being away from me. She was at a friends house a little under a year ago to be bred to one of her bucks. She HATED it there. Like the woman but was miserable without me. My friend ended up letting me borrow her boy to breed. I figured that if I wasn't there with her, Fuzz just wouldn't fight. She would get depressed because she was in a strange place without her mama. I could do everything for her there can (except the pure oxygeon). I could give her a fighting chance and at least she would be with her mom. So I take her home ($350 later). The vet did give me a slight discount for the x-ray (don't know why but I'll take it).
I take her home and put her back in that carrier. I get a pillowcase and put a hotwater bottle in it. Then wrap it up so it wouldn't burn her. Fuzz, being smart, cuddles into the warmth. I heat up a hardboiled egg for her. She takes it quite quickly. This gives me hope. About 30 minutes later she finieshed the whole egg! She also got spinach and some fresh oj.She isn't as pale (not as pink as she is but still..not that pale). She's also warmer...but still a bit cool. She also took three chocolate chips and two almonds. Her pigginess makes me think she will be fine. She's still laboring for breath but that's the stress, blood loss, and myco. She already got her Baytril dose two hours before the attack and has a dose in a few hours (around 10am). She's boggling at me but she would boggle at me if somebody were skinning her alive! She's havnig trouble walking. I think that's because she's weak from bloodlosee. She's also making her myco noises. It really worries me but I won't give her anymore meds until it's safe.
Even though I think she'll be ok, please keep her in your thoughts and send healing vibes her way. She needs all the good vibes she can get.

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My little super model

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Fuzz on the left, with her daughter Diva

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Taken 40 minutes ago.

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Her eyes are usually bright and happy. My poor girl

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