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omg it isn't a fancy color! It's sooo plain!

I've never talked about this but I will. I had a litter of ratties born January 9 of this year. They were all researved because "omg they were russian platinums! That sounds so exotic!"
Well these people researved the two that were available but were out of town. So I hold on to the babies. They come by last week to pick them up. They see the rats. Now, a russian platinum is an offwhite color. Kinda silvery but my russian plats range from off-white silver to a very icey blue. Eye color ranges from pink to red (but genetically they are russian platinum).
So they look at these babies in person. Here is what follows:::

LB:::little brat (who happens to be 17....the rats were to be in the family room and were family pets...not the 17 year old's)

M:::here they are!
LB:::those are the rats we researved!?
M:::yes they are. These are the two russian platinums.
Mo::::no, we researved fancy colors! Not albinos!
M::: these aren't albinos. *gets the mom rat and dad rat* See? These are the parents *smiles and flops Mulder around to show off his squishiness*
Mo:::Isn't that russian platinum?!
M::: No, these rats are russian dove. Honestly, I was surprised to get these platinums but I did! *smiles*
LB:::Oooo is the mom or dad for sale?! I really like them!
M::: O_O Umm no. I'm sorry these are my pets.
LB:::But you have so many! I want them! We'll niter the male! (she said "nider"...I think she meant neuter o_O)
Mo::: We'll give you $10 for the pair...The mom and the dad
M::: I'm sorry. These rats aren't for sale.
Mo::: Why'd you bring them out!?
M:::To show you what to expect from these babies.
LB:::They will change color?
M:::no, see how these rats are really sweet? The babies will get to be that mellow and swet as they age. Right now they are hyper and sweet *smiles again*
LB::: *to mom* I don't want such plain looking rats!
Mo::: *sees my younger litter that are different colors* We want these!
M::: I'm sorry, but all the babies in these two litters are researved.
Mo::: But we put our names down first!
M::: Yes you did, but you researved these russian platinums.
LB:::But they look like albinos! Those are pretty! *points to my really beautiful merle rats*
M::: I'm really sorry but they are researved.
Mo:::Ok we'll take them.
M::: Ummm ok (by this time I'm having major second thoughts)
LB::: Aww mom! No I want the neat looking ones!
Mo::: *under her breath to the brat* It's ok. We'll take them to PetCo and exchange them for those lovely black and white rats they have
M::: >:O (I imagine this was my face) I'm sorry I cannot sell you these rats after all.
Mo::: Why the hell not!
M::: I do not sell my rats to people that will just dump them off because they aren't "fancy looking". My rats are to be with their new humans their whole lives. And if the person CAN'T keep the rats, they come right back to me. That is my policy.
Mo::: We don't have to take this! We'll just buy our rats from R*** (my breeder friend and mentor).
M::: My friend has the same policy. I'm going to call her up after you leave to warn her about you.
Mo::: We are paying customers! You can't treat us this way! Besides, we drove all the way from San Pedro! (about a hour away)
M::: Maam, I don't care if you drove from San Fransisco! (7+ hours away). You canNOT adopt one of my babies!
LB::: Come on mom. Let's just go to PetCo. They had some really small babies.

They leave. I swear some people need to be beaten over the head with a stick. These babies are not plain. They may not look fancy but they are sweet and friendly. They are healthy! Both parents are squishy balls of love! Ugh!
So the babies are available again. They aren't even babies anymore. They are now teenagers I guess. I held these rats for these people and they end up being fucktards.

Please note that in person, their eyes are a bright cherry red and not that scary pink. Also, they are an off white and in certain light they appear silver. Really, they are very beautiful in person (though I think they are beautiful in these photos!)
Image hosted by
The baby on the far right is russian dove...the mother and father are this color

Image hosted by

Veela (mom)
Image hosted by

Mulder (dad)
Image hosted by
(please excuse the beast. This photo shows his squishiness)

Real quick thing.
Another person, who already adopted from me, is going around saying I'm an unethical breeder. Why? Because her rats got abcesses. I asked her if she meant tumors. Nope. Abcesses. She described them as being hard and when she squeezed them, pus came out. Yeah like those are my fault. >
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