Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

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Tatooine had her babies :D

Tatooine::: himi velveteen dwarf. carries harley
Tinker::: himi velveteen dwarf. carries harley
expect::: himi and siamese dwarves in velveteen and HARLEY!

Goddamn it. They all died. She can't lactate enough (there was milk but barely any). I put them with Opal first and when she rejected them I put them with June.
But, a major accident happened where I had to go to the er vet with Fuzz. I left June with the babies but she was ok with them. Nursed them. I come home and they are all gone. Dead and eaten most likely (unless they were abducted by aliens...sorry I'm strung out and stressed so my humur is sick).
If I ever breed Tatooine again it'll be when there is a litter the exact same age. But I doubt I'll breed her again.
Damn it damn it
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