Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

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Have I mentioned that I dislike my aunt? I take a strawberry to eat
"You aren't supposed to eat those now!"
"how come"
"Because you're not!"

That's right. Yell at me for eating something when I shouldn't have and not knowing it.


Also I overhear her talking to my mom
"You shouldn't allow Sara to have rats. Dogs and cats are the only real pet. Anything else should be wild"

Also, mom told me that my aunt, the big scary animal rights activist, thinks that I am "wasting my money caring for a 'dumb rodent"

This coming from the big scary vegan, who went back to eating meat because "she couldn't get the right protein"
She also thinks zoos are evil even though these same zoos are keeping some species from being extinct.

Hypocrit >:i
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