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OCCH won't adopt to me. I breed rats. They asked for the list of animals I have. I said "roughly 30 rats" then at the part it said "how long have you had them" I went "either since they were 5 weeks or since they were born"

So I can't adopt pigs from them.

I guess I'm destined not to have any pigs. Mom doesn't want to drive to Bakersfield. I was looking forward to adopting two really cute boars.

I've been whining a lot lately. The lady at OCCH told me that they feel that breeders don't truely understand that there are needy animals otherwise they wouldn't breed. Now, I don't entirely agree with that but I understand. I do take in rescues and I do foster so I do think I'm giving back to the needy rats. I believe that there should be breeders, ethical breeders doing it to better the breed\species. She said that since I said I would NOT breed, she can refer me to some private adoptions. I contacted a lady in Fullerton (about a hour away) who says she has newly weaned boars (4 weeks). She also has a silkie sow that is spayed. I am hoping to adopt the boars and maybe the sow or another pig. I'm aiming to adopt two but three is my limit. No more then three.
My uncle did the coroplast for me. I was so afraid of screwing it up. It's a nice cage :]

So anyway I striked that all out because I was a whiny bitch. Life's too short to bitch about not being able to adopt because of their beliefs (they are valid beliefs). They were very kind to me and offered to answer any general questions. I sent them a little donation to thank them for being so kind. Hopefully they can adopt out that three year old boar.
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