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The Pet Protection Animal Sanctuary near Kingman, Arizona, is being closed down by April 30, 2005. About 30 dogs are still left living on the premises and must be adopted, moved to foster care or transferred to other rescue groups or shelters by this deadline, or they will be confiscated by Mohave County Animal Control. Regardless of the unfortunate circumstances that have led to this situation, these dogs are in trouble and need our help as soon as possible. We are not affiliated with Pet Protection Animal Sanctuary in any way. We just wish to help these animals in need. This page reflects the best information we have been given about the animals and their situation. Homes For 30 Remaining Kingman Dogs Desperately Needed by April 30 - animals remaining after April 30 will be put to sleep........

There are still 30 beautiful dogs remaining that need to be placed by the end of the month.

The Center for Animal Rescue and Adoption has paid for all remaining dogs on-site to get updated rabies shots, and they are coordinating transportation of adopted and rescued dogs to their new homes/foster
homes. To see the list of adoptable dogs and to learn more, please visit

-------------------- All their pictures can be seen on a great web site
and soon on
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