Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Hermi, who is free ranging right now, is taunting the boys. I go to pick her up and she does the "Happy Rattie Crotch" dance. Horny gal :P

I'm bored and I'm craving grapefruit juice which we don't have. Somebody run to 7-11 to pick me up some?
Speaking of 7-11 they have root beer floats now! And it isn't Barqs, which isn't real root beer. It's IBC :D
I personally prefer Thomas Kemper (N CA brand) but IBC is ok. After Kemper, I prefer A&W
Hmmm. I want a root beer float now. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to Johnny Rockets for a grilled cheese sandwhich and a rootbeer float.

I can't go to the humane society tomorrow. I have class ;_;
My math midterm is tomorrow and we will be studying for my geography midterm. I just can't miss it. Wesdnday though (sp?).
My posts have been shit lately. All plans but nothing current.
Hmm yesterday (Monday) was boring. I stayed at home cleaning my room and the house for Pesech (Passover). I hate this time of year. I have a saying. "The two weeks prior to Pesech are the highest time for an adult Jew to have a heart attack"
Bleh. Basically, what we have to do is take all our everyday dishwear and put it outside. Then bring in the Passover dishes. This is because of the forbidden foods. We have to get rid of all foods that have yeast, corn syrup (corn), and other things. No bread or regular soda. It sucks donkey balls. I live on matza\creamcheese, mazta bri, and matza balls. Yum.
Speaking of matza. It just isn't good the other times of the year. They let it rise so it isn't as yummy. Matza\cream cheese during passover is the only way to go! That's why we get about 8 pounds of the stuff. We always buy for others and after Passover we have about 3 pounds left. So it lasts a little bit longer. After a month the stores dont' carry it anymore and the Kosher stores have year round matza. Not good.
I love shmier matza! That's the "holy" matza. It's burned and everybody says it tastes like cardboard. I think it's grand!
I took Gizmo's cage out and bleached it down along with his pigloo and dishes. The pigloo and dishes are ready for the future pigs.
Eww! I dropped the beech nut baby food and stepped on the lid. :x

Photos of ratties coming soon! Maybe before I go to bed....maybe

My brother and his woman are going to Italy for their honeymoon. I pity the Italians :(
When I go on my honeymoon, here's my top choices
Switzerland (sp?)
Italy (Vatican, Venice, Rome)
a cross Europe trip :]

I made a contract with my mom a few years ago. When I graduate college she will pay for me to take a research cruise to Antarctica. It's a cruise but you get to do scientific's kind of like the National Geographic cruise but there aren't as many cabins and it's more intimate. Yay!
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