Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I buried Gizmo a few hours ago. Under the really old tree\bush with the pink flowers. Anybody that's been in my backyard will know what I'm talking about. When we relandscaped, we kept that tree\bush.

I contacted the lady that had the two baby boars. If she doesn't contact me, I'll go to the Pasadena shelter to adopt two (maybe three) boars. I really want that gargantuan pig...

Opal's litter is doing good. Thier pigments are in. I'm keeping one baby from that litter, the male. He's huge! Twice the size of his sisters. He's a banded with a really nice blaze...well it isn't nice but it's interesting. It's narrow up the nose and then turns into a circle on the forehead. I've never seen a head marking like it. He's dark so I think he's a mink. I got some photos which I will post later on...maybe tonight.

June's babies are gorgous. I'm keeping two little girls. One looks like an american blue but I don't see that gene on one pedigree so she probably isn't. She is a lovely merle though. The other girl is most likely pearl. It's off-white with black eyes and there's a little bit of merling.

I'm only keeping one baby girl from Veela's litter. A russian platinum with excellent faciel features.

The other rats are all doing fine. Fuzz is getting over her flareup. Tatooine's headwound got really bad. She couldn't keep a dixie cup on her head.
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