Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

1. Stop stuffing your face with the raspberry cheesecake, put down the P-vibes, quit pleasuring your dog, and go back ten exact entries in your journal. On the tenth entry, click on the first person's LJ username to comment on that entry. If you don't have any comments, toss yourself in the river as you'll never amount to anything.
2. Go to this person's userinfo page, and laugh at how obnoxiously dull their bio is. Then click the third person from the end of their friends list. Again, if you don’t have three friends listed, then you probably didn't have a comment on that tenth entry from #1. I told you to fucking toss yourself in the river. Did you miss that?
3. You should be at a second LJ user's info page now. Copy this person's LJ username and just enter it on Google Images, and do a search for whatever atrocious pictures that Google will find related to the name. Post the second picture that comes up in your journal along with these really wacky instructions. If nothing comes up, pick the fourth person from the end of the friends list from Step 2, and repeat as necessary.
4. Then the people on your friends list can comment on your journal and talk as much shit about the picture as possible. Make fun of EVERYTHING about it. Go!

2. riot_grrl
3. went to a few but finally xo_nay_xo's name produced an image

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