Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

questionable pearls

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Thought I would share this photo with you. It's my little PEW dumbo girl Andreal Gail
She was popcorning and being all silly and leapt for my hand. She is a terror to the older girls (Fuzz you can see). She terrorizes them along with her fat friend Muffin (agouti velveteen dumbo)

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This is my darker baby....I'm not sure of the color. Only one side carries american blue so I know it can't be that color.

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Same girl. She's a really nice merle (all merles are really nice;)

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My other keeper girl. I really thought she was a pearl but her eyes turned out to be a real dark ruby

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She is also a merle :)

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This shows off her color fairly well

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Ignore the stupid black spot

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