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Tomorrow is the birthday of our two oldest kitties, Mr. Scrooge and his sister Mystery.
They will be seventeen years old! They are both black domestic shorthairs. Their mother was a purebred siamese and they really have the oral skills of a siamese cat ;)
Mystery is the best health she's been in years. Nice and fat (not too fat). Mr. Scrooge (Scrooge) had surgery to remove a nasty cancerous growth last year. Sadly they didn't get it all. He's been losing weight. Just one year ago he was fatter then his sister, tipping the scales at 17 pounds. Now it's probably 9 or 10 pounds. He's still eating, drinking, and causing mayhem. He's starting to slow down and doesn't gallop around the house the way cats do to weird us out. He's still alpha over my one year old male (who is much larger then him)
We don't remember their exact birthday so we made it tax day :)
Tomorrow they will get some cut up chicken and will share a can of Bumblebee Tuna :)

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Mr. Scrooge (aka Scrooge, Scroogie, SHUT UP!). Taken before the growth appeared

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A few months ago (January)

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A few weeks ago :(

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Scrooge is our loud mouth sweetie. He'll nip my mom until she feeds him. He also screams for us. If we aren't in the room, he'll scream until he finds us. We believe he's 80% deaf. I'm sure he still has some good months with us. First sign of suffering from his cancer and he will be euthanized. We don't believe in chemotherapy on animals :(
Mystery. Linked because of size. Mystery has a bad eye and a kinky tail (genetics?)

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She's very independent. They've been indoor\outdoor cats since they were around 9 months of age. Scrooge doesn't leave the property (usually doesn't leave the front porch now). Mystery goes to the neighbors who like our cats. Usually she'll just sun herself in our backyard.

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