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Yesterday was hell. I had the worst body aches I'd ever felt! I couldn't get up because putting the weight on my feet killed me. I stayed in mom's bed all day only getting up for a potty break. I was in mom's bed because she has a polyestor faux down blanket and I was warmer then with my cotten blanket. When mom got home she took my temperature. 100.4
She took my temperature throughout the evening. At 9:10pm last night I was up to 103.4
She wanted to take me to Urgent Care but I didn't want to. So she forced me to drink cranberry juice and grapefruit juice (our orange juice finally expired 3 months later then expected).
She said that if I didn't go down when I woke up this morning she was taking me to Urgent Care. She took my temperature; 100.7
So if I'm not better by tonight she's taking me...basically if I'm not down to 99.6 (I don't k now where she came up with that number)
I took my temperature just not (two hours after she took it). It's remaining 100.7
I think it's a sinus infection. Usuaully my head doesn't get achey but yesterday it was horrible. My jaw feels like it got hit by a brick. The bridge of my nose feels like there are fire pokers having sex up there. My frontal forehead feels like my brain is increasing in size and is threatening to pop out of my skull. My temple feel the same way and it doesn't help that right now I have gooey waxy ears (I'm obsessed with keeping my ears clean so it feels icky). It feels like my brain is pooling out of my ears.
The head pain is the worse actually. So is the fact that I'm always cold but two minutes under the blanket and I'm dying of heat. I can't win. I am always nauseous but I don't dare barf. The pressure of barfing will probably give my body new aches.

My rats are pissed at me. I didn't have the energy (or bravery to face the pain) to feed them last night. Their bottles were running low too so they all pushed the bottles to the floor and didn't have any water.
I fed and watered them. I won't handle them though. Gizmo had plenty of pellets and hay and water so I wasn't worried about him.

I'm going to answer my emails and crawl back into bed with a good book...

Oh, btw, mom slept in her bed...around 9:30 I hauled my soon to be carcass to my lovely! Now I'm sweating >:(
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