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Everyone should live their life the guniea pig way!

I can't sleep so I might tackle the cube part of Gizmo's future cage.
I've been in contact with CavyHaven, looking to adopt a young boar. The baby I wanted is having bad medical problems so he isn't available. When he is available he might have really bad lungs the rest of his life. I would love to adopt him but I don't think I could handle a special needs pig when I'm a beginner myself. I hope he gets a home. (it's Otto if you go to the Adopt section)
They pointed out that there are a lot of needy piggies at nearby shelters. I did look there but I guess I looked at the wrong shelters and didn't find any (a lot of rabbits though *sigh*)
I found two groups of pigs I am interested in meeting
Go to "shelter Pigs"
I'm looking into the fourth group (four photos) and the group of red and red\white piggies. I'll contact those shelters to visit the pigs.
But first things first, I need to get his cage done!
I gave Gizmo some veggies today; celery, a little bit of romane lettuce, half a baby carrot (will get the other half Friday), a little bit of onion growing in my backyard (it isn't treated), and some bell peppers. I haven't seen him eat any but I'm sure he did when I wasn't looking :)
I took Gizmo outside to my backyard yesterday. He enjoyed munching the grass and smelling the pond smells (gotta love that pond water smell!)
I took some photos and I'll post them later on :)
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