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I watched some tv with Gizmo tonight. Besides peeing on me he was very good. Oh, he also chewed some of my hair out. I took it away before he could swallow it.
I put him on my bed and offered him some spinach and celery. He wanted none of that! He would much rather have my hair and my paperback book! :P
He was making those noises again, kinda like a teapot. Then he started walking around my bed all strange. It was like he wanted to go somewhere but couldn't make his mind up. He walked to the edge and I was prepared to grab him, but then he ran back to me and hid his head in my shirt :P
Then he weeked! At least, I think it was a week. It was the same sound but much louder. He made it when I offered some celery. Again, he didn't take the celery but he weeked! He grooms himself on me and fell asleep on my bed. I think we've bonded =D
I've noticed he's rather clumsy. He goes up on his hunches to groom himself but he's falls very quickly. I'll just have to be careful he doesn't fall off my bed next time he gets free roam :)
No photos this time! Next week I plan on taking him outside to graze on our backyard lawn (not treated). He'll be in a playpen :)
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