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I love my icon!

I'm alive! Yesterday I started the day with horrid neck pain. I thought I slept funny. It got worse as the day passed. By the evening my whole body was in pain. It was the pain I get when I'm starting to get sick; body aches. Ugh! Temperature effects me when I'm like that. I can't even really move because it's very painful. So I went to bed about 7:30...woke up at 11 and had my dinner; Apple Cinnamon Cheerios :-D
Then I went back to bed at around 12:30am and woke up this morning at around 8:25am...
That might help me get my clock set...I've been going to bed at 4am and getting up at 9am. Not good hours. But maybe not that I got a good sleep I'll be better.
Opal and Tania haven't given birth yet. Nadia might or might not be pregnant. If she isn't I might not breed her. Tania has the same things so I probably won't submit Nadia to a litter if she isn't already pregnant..

Guinea pig update:::
Gizmo is definatly a boar. I took him out today and cuddled him. He didn't shiver like last night. After a few minutes he started jerking his head around. I assume that's because he's a prey animal and the rats were making noises. He stopped after a bit but then he started to chew on everything within reach! My shirt, my blanket, ME! lol
They have sharp teeth! My rats nibble and it didn't hurt...but it hurt when Gizmo did it! He then started making some very faint noises...kinda week sounding but very faint. I put him on my blanket so I could grab my camera. When I came back he came to me and hid his head against my leg :)
I think he's starting to trust me...or at least realize I mean him no harm. I'm going to start working on the C&C cage this weekend. I hope to have him in it by Tuesday. I have to figure out what model I'm going to make. I don't have a lot of room in my bedroom, especially because I have many rat cages! I'm thinking of making a two level so I don't have to use up as much floor space (loooong single level probably won't work for me)
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I assume that means BOY

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Can I help you?

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Awwww I have always liked seeing everybody's piggie lips. Now I've seen it for real! Adorable!

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He was grooming his face when I raised the camera. I guess it scared him because he stopped. Grooming on me is a good sign right? I think it would be :)

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Nibbling my topsheet :P
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