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I hate people

I'm walking to the bus stop to come home from classes. I see a guy throw a black garbage bag into the trash. I don't really care. Trash isn't my thing. But I need to pass the trashcan to get to the bus stop. I walk past and hear rustling. Thinking I'll be finding a bag of puppies or kittens I open it up. I see a guinea pig. Two actually. One is alive and shaking like a leaf. The other one is obviously dead. It's stomach slashed open and fully formed baby piggies spilling out of the stomach (well the womb but you know what I mean).
I grab the living piggie and race to the nearest college building to get a box. On the way home (a good hour and 20 minutes later) I go to the PetCo near my house that I like. I get a PetCo animal box because the box I was using was falling apart. I get the cheaped guinea pig food I can find (I only had $5 on me). TUrned out to be Kaytee, blech.
I didn't even have enough money for hay and\or alfalfa.
A hour later I'm setting up it's temporary home. I have a cage that says it's ok for piggies but I know better. It's a nice sized cage that I use for my rats but it's nowhere near big enough for a piggie. But it will have to do until I can order the stuff for a C&C cage.
I've always wanted a piggie but not this way! I want to get it a friend because that dead pig was probably it's cagemate. I *think* it's a girl but I don't know. The photos I used at CavySpirit confused me. It could be a female or a young male (but it's a larger pig).
S\he's soooo scared. I don't blame it. Does anybody have any tips for it to get used to me? I know piggies are different then rats and need more love but just how long should I expect before it starts weeking at me in happiness? Somebody said years...I hope that isn't the case.
I'll most likely keep it..I don't want to shuffle it around.
It has Kaytee pellets and a carrot with a water bottle. Tomorrow I will go back to the pet store for some better guinea pig food, a pigloo, timothy hay, and a food dish.

Here's some photos of the piggy. I just need to think of a name

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