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If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel. ON YOUR KNEES BOY!
He was yummy in the 80's
and he's still yummy!!

I've had a crush on him since I was a little kid! Like....late 1991? :-D
I think it's ok to crush on this man because he's such a wonderful person. Does so much good for the world. He's the Princess Diana of music. Basically, to me, it isn't just his music it's his message. He's wonderful and his music is wonderful. :)
I don't think I put my thoughts into words well. I can't really describe what I think about him. I've always thought he was wonderful, talented, beautiful, wonderful again. I just can't express it without making me sound like a typical girl crushing over a musician which is not the case at all!
Does anybody know what I mean at all?
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