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pity me please

I had the most scariest sex dream nightmare ever! It was of these two people having sex


Now the second photo I guess I understand. I've been watching too much of that show...but the first photo!? Basically having only ONE of those people in a sex dream is enough to traumatize me ;_;

Now I wouldn't mind if it was


As themselves or as those characters. It doesn't matter ;)

Yes Sara is a very strange person and that was TMI ^_^

YEsterday (sunday) mom, grandma, and I went to Olive Garden. I think the waiter was flirting with me. At one point he brought me my cafe mocha. What he said to me got me laughing to tears :P
Waiter::: "I just about had an orgasm when I saw how good that looked"
Me::: O_O
Waiter::: *laughs*
Me::: Gee thanks for sharing! *said this while laughing*

I told mom what he said and she laughed too. Didn't share with grandma. I never expected a waiter to say THAT. I didn't mind ;)
He was cute too! Kinda looked like Ewan McGweger :-)
He also kept asking me if I wanted anything. Do I want cheese on the salad? MOre cafe mocha (which will never be the same for me again). He kept looking at me. I saw his name is Sean. Now I want to sit in his section everytime we go there^_^
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