Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

The sure wire to beat insomnia. Drink a little red wine. That'll do it!
I may as well share my story with yall. On Friday we were delivering Shalchmuniz baskets (gifts of yummy food for the holiday of Purim). We went to a family friend and exhanged our yummies. I opened up their basket (they made it and gave to us) and went "yum Kedem grapejuice!"
I was really thirsty so I drink a little. I make a funny face. "This isn't grapejuice!"
Mom started laughing :D
It was wine! It was a small one person bottle of yummy Kedem red concord wine. I still have some. So whenever I can't get to sleep I drink about five small sips of it. I'm out like a light in less then two hours!
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