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Rat Game results

One of the babies I thought was dead is actually still alive. So that means thirteen babies.
June had her babies at about 9:20am this morning. She didn't really have to work at getting them out. They plopped out very easily (she exploded?)
She had a total of fourteen babies but two didn't make it. So that means that imonsie got it right.
For the prize, you (along with everybody else) gets to see some super cute photos of my naked ladies Fuzz and Diva! I also use my lovely icon in honor of you winning :]

Image hosted by
This is Diva

Image hosted by
Diva is an agouti hairless dumbo

Image hosted by
This is Fuzz. ALso known as Fuzzy Wuzzy and Fuzzy Monster

Image hosted by
Fuzz is a super model

Image hosted by
Fuzz is Diva's mother. She is a fawn self hairless dumbo with the nicest eyes on a hairless.

Image hosted by
Diva had her first litter recently and Fuzzy Monster will be bred one last time before she is retired to a life of chocolate chips and apple sauce.
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