Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I will eat your heart
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Veela contemplating my death. The rattie in the teeny cage is Nadia...I was cleaning her cage and that was her temporary abode (about 10 minutes in it)

Who wants to play the baby game? Guess how many babies lovely ratty June will pop out. Closest one gets a cookie!
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I'm holding her a bit strange I know. That was taken around 1am March 28, along with all the others here

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She was supported against the blanket

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I thought I'd share this. I was trying to get a photo of Spencer and she just waltzed right up to him :P

June has gotten a bit bigger since these photos (3-28-05). I think she will pop today (3-29-05). I feel so bad for her!
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