Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Goddamn Animal Planet. I thought that Dragon special was for real! I was running around the house screaming "Dragons exhist!"
Bah! You suck! I still think they exhist. So many legends from so many places. I would love a ridgeback from Romania :oD

Mulder is still being an ass. I really don't think it's genetic agression since his line has no history of any sort of agression (even the mother's are nice!)
I might neutar him or I might not. I won't breed him until he settles down or I find out what is causing his agression.
Well since I can't get anywhere with Everblue 2 (has a glitch) I'll restart Zelda:Windmaker. I never beat it and it's been so long. I'll just start it over
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