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Bill 132 is a province wide amendment to the Dog Owners' Liability Act, is breed specific, not deed specific, and supports the Animals for Research Act. Bill 132 affects all breeds of dog and all dog owners in Ontario, not just pit bull type dogs as any breed of dog can be added at anytime. Bill 132 will send thousands of innocent dogs to be euthanized or to research facilities. The police will be given the right to enter your home and remove your dog at any time. Breed Specific Legislation will not improve public safety, only generic dangerous dog legislation, education and awareness will. Bill 132 discriminates against every responsible pet owner in this province and is BAD LAW.


During the public hearings regarding Bill 132, 81 out of 103 speakers presented AGAINST THE BREED BAN. The speakers consisted of behaviourists, veterinarians, trainers, breeders and dog owners. The experts clearly established that the belief that pit bull type dogs are a "breed apart" is myth, NOT FACT. The experts said that breed bans were inordinately EXPENSIVE and UNENFORCEABLE. Victims of serious attacks by other breeds also emphasized the need for generic vicious dog legislation, NOT BREED SPECIFIC BANS. The Liberal government ignored the experts, ignored the victims and has ignored our plea for real public safety.


The vast majority of pit bull type dogs are well-behaved canine citizens. Human and animal-directed aggression in pit bull type dogs is a LEARNED behavior, not a genetic predisposition of the breed. Although pit bull type dogs with owners are grandfathered in this bill, all others will face euthanasia or will be sent to laboratories for research.


It is impossible to accurately identify a pit bull type dog. In Bill 132 the burden of proof is on the owner to identify his or her unregistered dog, as NOT a pit bull type dog. Outside of papered, registered breeds this proof is impossible as there is no genetic test or proven method that exists. The reverse onus in this bill goes against the constitution.


The "menacing clause" within Bill 132 is badly composed and vague. Any dog (of ANY breed or cross) that is accusd of "menacing" behavior can be seized from their home, even while the owner is away. This section of the bill puts ALL DOGS in Ontario in danger. There is potential for intentional or unintentional misuse.

To Dalton McGuinty, Michael Bryant, and to all Liberal MPPs,

"SHAME ON YOU for playing politics and deceiving the people of Ontario by supporting legislation unsupported by experts; SHAME ON YOU for being ignorant instead of intelligent; SHAME ON YOU for stripping citizen's rights instead of protecting them; SHAME ON YOU for not recognizing the multitude of reasons why the "pit bull" ban is ineffective; SHAME ON YOU for being irresponsible and SHAME ON YOU for pretending to represent me and the over 45,000 other people of Ontario who stand beside me in condemnation of the proposed "pit bull" ban. You have betrayed us and we are thoroughly DISGUSTED BY THE ABUSE OF DEMOCRACY you have demonstrated so brilliantly."

Banned Aid is a coalition of the following groups:

Advocates for the Underdog,

The Dog Legislation Council Of Canada

The Golden Horseshoe American Pit Bull Terrier Club,

The American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada, and,

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada

We will be moving ahead with a constitutional challenge. Donations are desperately needed. Please donate to the Banned Aid Coalition. There are a variety of ways to make a donation:

1) Deposit your donation at any CIBC bank directly into the Banned Aid Legal Fund:

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Penhorn Mall

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Account 00513 010 1526839

2) Send cheques or money orders directly to Mr. Clayton Ruby at the following address:

Ruby & Edwardh


11 Prince Arthur Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M5R 1B2 Canada

(416) 964-9664

3) Mail a cheque payable to Advocates for the Underdog :


5060 Tecumseh Road East, Suite 1219

Windsor, ON Canada N8T 1C1

4) Make an online payment by sending a bill payment to

5) Donate using PAY PAL by visiting Dog Legislation Council of Canada and clicking on the donate link.

Thank you,

Tammy Williams
Co-Founder / Fundraising / Rescue
Advocates for the Underdog
VISIT: Advocates for the Underdog
Banned Aid



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