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Wow what a day! We had people over for lunch. They had to bring their dog because people were letting off fireworks in their area. So we put our dog in the house and the dog and his people arrive. It's a pitt bull, lab, boxer mix. First thing I notice is it has balls. It isn't a teeny puppy either. They've had that dog for about five years. I ask the girl "why isn't your dog neutared?"
Her reply was that it's against our religon. The dog is not supposed to have sex in vain. *headdesk*
The dog wouldn't mate if it was neutared! And that "in vain" part is you shouldn't spill your sperm in vane (meaning our religon doesn't use any form of birth control). If the dog was neutared there would be no sperm to "waste"
She then told me that they are getting a puppy from a neighbor "It kinda looks like our dog"
No really? I wonder why! These people also deprive the dog of it's normal diet during Passover (can't have bread among other things during this holiday). They take away his dog food for the eight days and make him eat gafilta fish (mushed up fish), matza (flat bread), and chicken soup. Forcing their beliefs on the dog again! They wonder why he gets the squirts!
It's reasons like this that make me sad there are religons. Pointless. Forcing our views on our animals.

More stupid pet owner crap. This evening (right now actually) we have some more people over for dinner.
We start talking about my dog. Mom starts talking about how we might end up putting him to sleep before the summer. Chaos (the dog) is extremely agressive. He's gotten worse actually. I've tried everything I can to get him to ease up on the agression. He belonged to my brother up until he was a year. He got NO training whatsoever. Mom didn't bother to take him to classes. Didn't even buy a book. When we first got him I was an immature tween so I didn't really care as long as he didn't bother me. Over the last few years I've been trying to train him. He thinks he's above me in the order of the pack. I can't correct his behavior because he'll bite me. My mom is above him but she actually reinforces his behavior. She'll give him his dinner and then pretend to take his food away. When he growls she pets him and says "good dog"
I keep telling her that this is one of the reasons he's so agressive. "Oh we're just playing!"
We're afraid he's going to bite a kid. That's the main reason my mom wants to put him to sleep. A guest says "you have to get them while they're young. When our dog acted bad as a puppy I would hit him and rub lemon on his nose"
I gasp which he replies with "animals are different. They're stupid. You have to use force". Another guest agrees. "This summer my horse decided not to work. I would spur him and he wouldn't budge. Then the horse started rubbing me against the fence to force it off me. I took my whip and started to lash him. He worked but the next day he refused to get out of his stall. I sold him. I can't have a horse that disobeys me."
That poor horse :(
I informed my mom that if\when we get a new dog I was in charge of traning. I can't expect her to do anything. The dog will end up like our current dog!
That dog guy says "I'm telling you! First time they misbehave do what I suggested! Why waste money on a class and a crate?"
Bah. I feel like a stupid pet owner for even kinda agreeing that our dog needs to be euthanized. He's a risk and I have to be very wary in my own home. It still makes me feel like a SPO. Since we do want new dogs it makes me feel like we're just going to put him to sleep JUST to get new dogs. Everytime Chaos does something mom wants him to be euthanized. I'm actually the one that sticks up for him even though he's extremely aggressive with me. I don't really like CHaos (how can I like a dog that threatens me and bites me?) but I still don't want him dead. Putting an animal down just because he's an inconvience is not good animal ownership.
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